Ultimate4Trading FAQ

Ultimate4Trading FAQ This Ultimate4Trading FAQ is designed to answer the questions of both beginner traders and professionals. This extremely popular trading tool is working with a number of highly regarded, regulated trading platforms and is very easy to use. However it is still important to understand how it works and what it entails.

What is Ultimate4Trading:

What is Ultimate4Trading? Ultimate4Tading is a useful trading tool which provides its users with the predicted outcome of binary options trades. It suggests to users whether they should ‘Call’ or ‘Put’ on particular binary options trades with more than 70^% accuracy.

Is it legal and legitimate?

YES. Ultimate4Trading is simply a trading tool, which traders can use to help them place binary options trades. It is not a broker or a platform. If you choose to invest on a trade suggested by Ultimate4Trading, the actual trade will be placed through a regulated and authorised online trading platform.

Is U4T a regulated trading platform?

No. Ultaimte4Trading is a tool that works WITH fully regulated trading platforms. Each month a preferred broker is selected and the U4T software will provide predictions on a large selection of trades that the preferred broker is offering. U4T works automatically with its selected broker, so users only need to sigh in to Ultatem4trading, and it will open up for them straightaway within the broker’s platform. Ultimate4Trading only works with fully regulated and reputable trading platforms.

How can it help my trading success?

Based on a unique and highly complex algorithm, Ultimate4Trading suggests trades with accuracy levels of more than 70%. This level is significantly higher than even the levels that most experienced traders enjoy.

Get Started Using Ultimate4Trading

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What is the cost?

Nothing. Using the Ultimate4Trading tool is completely free. There are no charges to use it. There is no commitment or download needed. If you start using, and decide to stop, you can do so with no strings attached.

Is there an Ultimate4Trading demo account?

Yes – one of the biggest advantages to Ultimate4Trading is their demo account. The Ultimate4Trading demo account is based on real-time trades, giving users the chance to get a real feel for the software and practice their trading.

How do I sign up?

Click here to complete the short registration form. Once activated you can choose between the real account and the demo account. You will be able change between the account types later on, as and when you wish.

Do I need an account with a brokers to use Ultimate4Trading?

No! Ultimate4Trading is automatically opens you an account one of its selected brokers. Ultiamte4Tradeing works in conjunction with a small number of fully regulated, highly reputable trading platforms.

How do I make an investment?

Upon registration you will be given a chance to make a deposit. Thereafter you can click on the deposit button inside Ultimate4Trading if you wish to make a deposit. Deposits are made directly in the affiliated broker site to ensure the safety and protection of your investment at all times. Trades can make an investment via debit/credit card, wire transfer or Moneybookers. Additionally, there is a host of alternative payment methods that are also accepted.

Important Information Ultimate4Trading:

How do I withdraw my profits?

Withdrawing your profits is easy. Just click on the ‘withdraw’ button in the software. Like deposits, withdrawals are process directly in the broker platform, to ensure a speedy, safe and stress-free transaction.

What is the minimum trade?

You can place trades for as little as £5

I have never traded online before.
Can I use Ultimate4Trading?

Yes. Ultiamte4Trading is perfect for new traders. It is clearly laid out, with an internal Ultimate4Trading FAQ to guide you around the software.

Are there any hidden terms or catches?

No, using the software is completely free. Using the demo account is completely free. You can stop using the software at any time with no obligations or commitment.