Ultimate4Trading Trading Alerts

Binary Options alertsThe Ultimate4Trading trading alerts system is a fairly new trading tool that operates in a unique way. As opposed to traditional alerts and trading tips software, which usually send alerts to the subscriber via email or text message, Ultimate4Trading trading alerts are presented to the user when he is inside the broker website, along with the available binary options.


Ultimate4Trading trading alerts: How It Works

The Ultimate4Trading software gives predictions on the outcome of binary options trades, telling users whether they should ‘call’ or ‘put’ on a particular binary option. Other trading alert software tends to just advise as to whether the value of an asset is likely to increase or decrease. From there the trader is responsible for logging into an online broker and finding a suitable binary option that reflects that prediction. However, the Ultimate4Trading trading alerts go one step further, by actually providing the specific binary options trades for which it can predict the outcome of with more than 70% accuracy.

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This is because the Ultimate4Trading software works automatically with a handful of specially selected brokers. These brokers are all screened, trusted, fully regulated and highly reputable online trading platforms. Once a trader signs in to Ultimate4Trading, the software automatically opens along with the trading platform. Here the trader is presented with an extremely easy to use interface that works automatically in conjunction with the online broker, with a list of all available suggested binary options trades, along with the suggested course of action (Call or Put). All the trader has to do is select the option he wants to trade on, chose the amount he wants to invest, and click on the button suggested by the Ultimate4Trading trading alerts.

Traders can enjoy Ultimate4Trading trading alerts for free. There is no download and no commitment required. You can also test out the Ultimate4Trading trading alerts system with the free demo account. This provides suggested binary options trades in real time, exactly the same as the ‘real’ version, only you can trade with virtual money. Check out the demo version here.